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Small and medium sized businesses (SME) are the backbone of our society - they make up ca. 35% of the total revenue created and employ over 60% of all employees. Simultaneously most SME do not benefit yet from digital technologies.

The internet has led to an increase of quality- and price transparency as well as changed customer behavior. This is especially challenging for SMEs since they lack access to the necessary solutions. These need to be used, if SMEs want to stay successful in the future. Looking back to other times of change, it has been SMEs that thrived from change - when they worked more together!

That is where the idea to Koop was born: With Koop we have created a platform, that enables SMEs to connect and organize themselves easier. The team behind Koop consists of experienced entrepreneurs, product developers and networkers. We're united by the goal to facilitate the access to digital technologies for SMEs. On Koop you will not only find other SMEs that are interested in using modern technology, but also selected services that enable you to position your company successfully for the future.

Sign-up today and discover a whole new dimension of a connected SME entrepreneurship! Benefit from countless deals and offerings, that Koop has sourced for you.

Why Koop?

Koop has been tailored to the needs of SMEs! We have developed Koop in many years of cooperation with small and medium-sized businesses in order to offer you a platform with which you can successfully position your company for the future.

100% Professional

With Koop you can expand your business network, meet new business partners and suppliers. Coupled with integrated solutions to control your business, Koop becomes the only platform you need to set your company for future success.

100% Safe

We respect your privacy and want you to always have control over your data. We explain exactly which data we use to optimize the platform for you. You decide who is allowed to see which data and who is not.
Save money

100% Free

Koop is and remains free of charge for you. Koop negotiates the best terms with suppliers and service providers for you in order to always offer you the best possible conditions so that you can set up your company successfully for the future.

Our mission

Digital technologies offer SMEs many opportunities to position themselves more competitively in the long term - if they are used. In addition, Koop will soon enable you to start purchasing communities with just a few clicks or to participate in existing ones. We are also working on integrating financing, insurance, logistics and warehousing solutions.
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Trainee search in the digital world

The old fashion application portfolio is obsolete: You find your future trainee online. At Koop you will find the right solutions to make your company more attractive for younger generations. In addition, Koop helps you to ensure that job seekers find you more quickly.
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Save time and money with cooperative purchasing!

With Koop you can launch your own cooperative purchasing communities, find participants or participate in existing ones. Koop helps you to find participants and handles the negotiations with suppliers.
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Newcomer? Start your new business well informed, digitalised and well connected.

You would like to establish a contractor, gastronomy or retail business? Koop will help you! You will find experienced entrepreneurs in the Koop Community that will happily help you. Or tell us what's on your mind. We help you find the right solutions!

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